The California Land Surveyors Association (CLSA) is contacting educators in an effort to increase awareness of the land surveying profession. A career in surveying, with great entry level pay, can start with only a high school diploma.

Students who pursue this profession are typically interested in math, primarily geometry and trigonometry. The career also attracts people interested in geology, forestry, history, engineering, computer science and astronomy. While it is challenging, it is also a very rewarding career.

The land surveying profession generously supports land surveying students. Each year thousands of dollars in scholarships are available for college students in the surveying profession.

Compiled in this site is information regarding a career in land surveying. It would be appreciated if you would share this information with your students. If you would like more information, printed material to distribute to your class or if you would like to request an in-class presentation by a Land Surveyor, please feel free to contact us at (916) 239-4083 or by email to clsa@californiasurveyors.org.